I help overwhelmed women professionals and stay-at-home mothers remove hidden energy blocks so they make room for themselves in their own life.
Anne Beaulieu, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Author & Speaker

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Here’s why so many people struggle.

If you consistently hit the pillow exhausted at night, living your life for others is often the primary reason for emotional burnout. Do these energy blockers sound familiar?

  • You believe no one truly understands you. You feel utterly alone.
  • Your kids are often moody, uncooperative, and ungrateful. You feel drained.
  • Your life partner wonders why you cannot ‘keep it together’. You feel pressured.
  • You hide the truth about what truly hurts you in life. You are losing trust.
  • You put on a fake ‘happy’ face. Being vulnerable scares you.
  • Your back hurts. You have shortness of breath. Worry and anxiety are staples of your daily life.
  • You struggle with your self-image. You lack compassion for yourself.
  • You keep wondering who will ever be there for you. You feel unloved and uncared for.

Why is it so easy to get lost in the world of others, forgetting who we are, what we want and even how to be happy?

As small children…

  • Many of us were taught to obey and follow rules. Learning to ask ourselves the right questions helps us establish who we are away from the influence of others.
  • Many of us were taught to please others. Learning to have healthy emotional boundaries helps us to attain a sense of peace and balance into our life.
  • Many of us were taught to sacrifice for the sake of others. Are you an enabler? Would you know the difference between enabling and empowering?
  • Discerning between our wants and needs gives us the personal power to lead our own life and develop our emotional intelligence.

How We Help – Our Services

One-on-one Multi Visits

As our valued client, your healing starts with your commitment to 8 highly personalized coaching sessions per contract (1 hour each). During each session, we will review progress from your weekly goals, explore your ongoing challenges, and set new goals for the following week. Emotional Intelligence coaching empowers you to take charge of your own life so no one else does it for you!  Click here to reclaim your life.


Group Workshops / Webinars

Walking Inside offers a series of Transformational Workshops & Webinars whose greater purpose is to provide teenagers and adults with increased self-awareness on which to soundly base their life. Our mission is to empower each and every one of our participants to step boldly into their true potential without the fear of rejection or judgment. For workshops and webinars, please visit this link.


Speaking Engagements

Anne Beaulieu is a Graduate Authentic Speaker from Dov Baron International’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership. She is an internationally accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach with The Coach Training Academy (TCTA) and the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA). She is a graduate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Anne speaks internationally on a variety of topics related to our personal power, as to where it comes from, how it affects our life, and most important, how to claim it back! To get a comprehensive list of her Empowering Speaking Topics, click on this link.  To book Anne today, contact Anne at anne@walkinginside.com.

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In this breakthrough strategy session, we will

  • Identify 3 dreams, goals or objectives that you have not yet reached.
  • Isolate 3 obstacles, challenges, or limiting beliefs preventing you from reaching your dreams, goals and objectives.
  • Focus on 1 goal and establish a SMART action plan that will result in you reclaiming the joy, peace and balance you deserve in your life.


Remember, no one does it alone…

  • If you could identify your own personal blind spots by yourself, you would have already fixed them by now.
  • If you do not get help right now, what makes you think your situation will ever change?


What is it worth to you to have room for you in your own life? To experience joy, peace, and happiness? To look in the mirror and into your own eyes, realizing that you deeply matter. Imagine what a beautiful gift this new energized “you” will be to yourself and the people you love. Take action and request a free breakthrough strategy session today.

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About Anne

Anne Beaulieu
Anne BeaulieuEmotional Intelligence Coach, Author & Speaker

My Story:

For decades, I built the ‘perfect’ image. I hid from the world what was deeply troubling my heart. I hid from me. Maybe because my father is a sociopath. Maybe because my mother is clinically psychotic. Maybe because, just like my 5 siblings, I have clung to survival for dear life.

Like so many others, I have looked outside of myself for answers. I chased diplomas and certifications. I got married, had children, and built the white picket fence. Yet, I went to bed with a hole in my heart that no money, thing, or person could ever fill. I felt utterly alone and abandoned. “What about me? Who will ever be there for me?”

Then I met my mentor Dov Baron, he asked me, “What do you want most in your life?” I wanted to truly ‘feel’ me and love me and  to be part of my own life. I took the emotional intelligence tumble of a lifetime and landed flat out on my ego. In that dark place, I realized I had very little compassion for myself. I did not know what love was, how to love, how to be loved. I sank into a deep sorrow. I burned with anxiety. I started feeling the pain I had denied my whole life. Memories flooded back of being whipped, molested, beaten, spat on, ridiculed…

Over time, the idea of blame is becoming but a memory as love and compassion gradually fill my heart. I now deeply know I am not alone. I also understand no one does it alone. Know I am here for you.

Hold my hand. Let’s take a walk inside together.

My Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Translation English-French (specialization Economics & Legal), Universite de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada • Master’s Degree in Economics, Universite de Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), AIMR (Association of Investment Management & Research) • Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach. I am accredited through ICF (International Coach Federation), CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance), TCTA (The Coach Training Academy). • Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership (ASAL) training, Dov Baron International, ASAL • Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master Certificate, Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) • Healing Matrix Level 1 & 2 practioner, Wings of Dove Holistic Centre • Level 7, Chinese Mandarin Proficiency Test, HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), Fudan University, Shanghai, China • Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Certificate, Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) • Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC) Certificate, International Federation of Stock Exchanges (IFSE)

Anne: Emotional Intelligence Coach, Author, Speaker

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My blog is my gift to you. Here, I share my journey, what I am learning and how it is affecting me. Maybe you can relate?

Sharing for me is important. It is my way to communicate and connect with you, to help you feel perhaps less alone.

I believe the who you are is magnificent and deserving of an abundance of love and happiness. The KEY is to BELIEVE.

In my blog, read by tens of thousands of people worldwide, I am offering you tools and techniques to assist you to BELIEVE IN YOU.


No one does it alone. We all need a little help from our friends from time to time. As an accomplished Emotional Intelligence coach, here are some key people that have enriched my own life. Maybe they can become of great service to you as well.

Lauren Reliford is the Queen of Forgiveness. She helped connect me to the very best version of myself. Visit her here  Laurens’ mission is to help the ‘Sistars’ live a carefree and courageous life. In her own words, “We believe freeing mothers and nurturers will free the world.”

Chris Ansell from Ansell Creative Group. [visit them here] Chris’ company is the building genius behind this website. This man has massive integrity, passion, and a wicked love for all things related to Star Wars. Just talking with him brightens my day. He is a must on your marketing & design team.

Charlene Prevatt from Plane Creative. [visit them here] The first time I met Charlene, I wanted to become her friend. She has a deep love for life and embodies what ‘pizzazz’ is all about for me. She is a master at being creatively unique.

Cristina Padres from vancouverites.ca Have you ever looked at a bonfire? You feel its warmth, its beauty, its passion for all that is. Cristina is this beautiful bonfire who provides a bright light to the unsung heroes of Vancouver.

Gina Best from Intentional Success Inc. [visit them here] Through hail or fire, Gina stands on her own and builds incredible communities. This woman is one of the most adventurous and courageous women I have the honour to call a friend. If you want to build a solid business, she is the go-to person who will help you make it happen from wherever you are.

Dov Baron from Paragon Alliance [visit them here] When I first met Dov, I had no real sense of self. I was stuck in my head and living in a world of illusions. Under his mentorship, I am now feeling the music inside the notes, seeing the world ‘3D on 3D’, and experiencing beauty in ways I had only dreamed of in the past. He is one of the top authentic leadership experts in the world. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with him today.

Barbara Weston from Inner Focus Holistic Healing [visit them here] From this gentle soul, I get hugs and reiki sessions every week. She is a pillar and an integral part of my journey. Her understanding of energy and the soul’s journey is of great value to all of us.

Baxter Welch from vancouverluxuryrealty.com Baxter is authentic. His inner focus and drive for business is an inspiration. If you are looking to buy/sell real estate property or need a trustworthy property manager, he is the person who will you focused on your dream, goal, or objective.

Kendall Ansell from Kendall Ansell Interiors [visit them here] Fire balls come in small packages. When it comes to help people love their home like a kid on Christmas morning, Kendall is the woman in charge. She connects with people’s desires and manifests them in their physical space. Fall in love with your home today and get in touch with Kendall.

Brian Yuen from Direction Legal LLP. [visit them here] An advocate for human rights, especially when it comes to gay rights, Brian is one of the most inspirational people in my life. His dignity, compassion, and integrity are exemplary. As a personal injury lawyer, he is a must on your legal team.

Sarah Penman from Penman Properties Inc. [visit them here] I have rarely met someone who works as hard as Sarah. She manages properties on behalf of owners and helps tenants breeze through the application process. Her stellar reputation is built on integrity and respect. Not many people know what it feels like when others say ‘I will do business with you because you know Sarah.’ She is that good in her field of expertise.

Pablo Leites from Vital Financial [visit them here] Have you ever had trouble paying your rent or putting food on the table? Pablo is an expert at debt restructuring. I see him fight for his clients every day so they can regain their sense of dignity and happiness over their life. He is one of the classiest people I have the privilege to know.

Visit our friends at The Teen Mentor here

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
- Maya Angelou