Anne Beaulieu is an Emotional Intelligence coach who assists her clients to become genuinely relational in business. so they can close more sales! Anne is an internationally-accredited Emotional Intelligence coach and speaker. She is also an economist. chartered financial analyst, legal translator, blogger, and bestselling author. Internationally experienced and multilingual in English, French, and Mandarin, Anne grasps the pitfalls of traditional sales in a digital environment and addresses them directly; she shines the light of Emotional Intelligence on the challenges today’s salespeople face and illuminates the way forward to closing more sales.

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Born in Canada, Anne has spent decades perfecting her craft at home and abroad. Anne has worked for the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, was the Assistant Vice-President Client Servicing for T.A.L. Investment Management Counsel, and was the liaison officer directly under the Vice-President Sales for Spectrum Bullock Funds. Anne also lived for ten years in China, immersing herself in the Chinese culture at both the personal and business levels.

Her current blog, Walking Inside, reaches tens of thousands through her website, LinkedIn network, and her Facebook business page. Anne is also an Emotional Intelligence coach and mentor with The Teen Mentor (TTM), an online organization that receives over 1,000,000 views every month.

Walk inside, she’ll share more of…

Are you like me? I grew up in an environment where a ‘tough’ armour was required for survival. Feeling constantly rejected, I learned at an early age to hide my true feelings and emotions behind my brains (IQ) to protect myself. Accumulating diplomas and certifications, I tried to play ‘cool’ on the outside, but I secretly knew the truth … I was scared to show anyone the real me.

For years, I believed I didn’t fit in or belong. Every time I met with a new client I wondered if they liked me, and if I suspected they didn’t, I pretended I didn’t care. But that was NOT true! When my arrogance got the ‘best’ of me, I wanted to win at all costs, so I’d end up throwing logical arguments in their face to win instead of genuinely coming from a place of empathy and compassion, which is what’s needed to genuinely bond my clients to me. I was often told I was intimidating because I behaved like a hammer … to a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

When I met my mentor, Dov Baron and began walking the path of becoming more emotionally intelligent with him, I started to truly understand how my obsession with being right prevented me from cracking my armour open and feeling genuinely relational to myself and others. I kept telling myself I’d have to do ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ was) alone … I was wrong! No one does it alone!

Being honest with myself for perhaps the very first time, I had to accept that as professional as I thought I was (because I was armoured), I actually lacked empathy and compassion, two essential qualities needed to emotionally connect with myself and others, allowing me to close more sales. When my EQ finally became strong enough to confront my IQ, the armour dropped to my feet. I started genuinely operating from the place of true service to myself and the clients I serve. I became more emotionally open, and almost magically, so did my clients, customers, and prospects… It was mind-blowing!

It all hit home when my mentor, Dov Baron wrote this about me:

“Anne is now serving others in a magnificent manner. I have no doubt she has what it takes to make the kind of impact she wishes to make in our world. Anne’s commitment to her journey make her a rare and excellent coach because every day she is walking her talk.”

Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Bestselling Author, Mentor and Founder of

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