ROUND AND ROUND   Round and round We go again On the merry-go-round of life. Ups and downs, We think that’s life Until we get off our mount.   Round and round We go again On the merry-go-round of life. Laughter and tears We think we’re here Until we go deep within.   In and in We go again On the merry-go-round of life, Darkness and light Fuse into one Until we go round and round.   With love & compassion, Anne   What makes any of us go round and round in circles?   www.walkinginside.com www.fullmontyleadership.com


I -- USED TO THINK   I used to think A tree was just a tree I saw it with my own mind Roots, trunk, branches, leaves.   I used to think You were different than me I saw it with my own mind Bodies, fences, judgement, fear.   Thanks to my mentor, I met me For a moment, I stopped thinking, In stillness, my mind cracked open Discovering sunshine cooling breeze within.   How refreshing To hear inside the giggles of a small child Who never thought we were separate Who's always known we all belong.   Because of my love for this child and me The lines in my mind are becoming blurry If there is nothing separating you from me Then, who am I? What are we?   Willing to know, I ask her to show me the way How I may serve her from a place

Like Cats And Dogs, Really?

LIKE CATS AND DOGS, REALLY? When I was in elementary school, we learned something called idiomatic expressions. One of them was 'fighting like cats and dogs'. It made sense to me. I grew up on farm land. I saw cats hissing at dogs and dogs chasing cats. I did not question the validity of that expression. Since the people around me saw it as truth and spoke it as truth, their truth became my truth. That's how prejudice is created, did you know? From our inability to go beyond our closed mind. I have been babysitting my daughter's kitten the last seven days. I have a dog named Lucky. Lucky has never lived with a cat. Beanie the kitten has never lived with a dog. When I put them together for the first time, I was nervous. They both picked up on it. Lucky started pawing the ground and making

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