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    “Telling a child who is physically abused to feel their self-worth intact while the abuse is going on is like telling an adult not to scratch their car when hitting a telephone pole full blast.” ~ Anne Beaulieu   …..   “I remember the day as if it were yesterday. My father had come in angry from work and he was looking for a reason to let off some steam. My mother was in a frenzy because she couldn’t find one of her contraceptive pills. What she didn’t know was that I had taken the pill out of its packet. I was seven years old and didn’t know any different. I thought the pill was candy, but when I tried to lick it, I realized it tasted bitter and I threw it away, falsely thinking my mother would never notice. But she did.   She walked up to


Passion is infectious across sales teams and to customers.  Result: more sales closed.   When Claude* came to see me, she believed that if she tried ‘hard’ enough and kept working till she dropped exhausted every night, then she ‘knew’ what passion was and was therefore ‘living’ it.   But when I asked her how this ‘passion’ of hers was showing up in her business results, she shyly confessed she was struggling at bringing new customers in. She even said she had been living from pay cheque to pay cheque lately. This told me how Claude had done what so many of us do, falsely equate passion with sheer will.   Through my talking with her, I found out Claude was considering skipping ship; she was considering moving to a competitor of her current employer. When asked why, she said she felt like she wasn’t growing as a person and


Think of a time when someone you know had a birthday fast approaching and they knew in their heart and mind what they wanted to receive as a gift. Ever been in that situation?   They had thought about it long and hard. They knew in their heart they wanted that gift more than anything else. Apparently, they were this clear. Sometimes, such is the case for us, right?   One day, like many of us do, they walk up to their loved one and say with sparkling eyes, “I know what I want for my birthday.”   Perhaps preoccupied with other things, their loved one casually replies, “Oh! You do? Great! What is it?”   Taking a deep breath, this person affirms with conviction, “I want …” and, like perhaps you and me, awaits for reciprocity in kind.   Now imagine this person’s surprise when their counterpart utters, “No,


When James* called upon me, he asked that we meet in an open restaurant downtown Vancouver. Asking him why there instead of my office, he laughed and said, ‘Because I need it this way.’    On the agreed upon date and time of rendez-vous, James sat down in front of me and immediately placed his hands under the table where I could Not see them. This gesture alone told me a lot about James, how easily he pretended to be emotionally open yet felt the want to hide once in front of me.   Through my talking with him, I found out James was one of nine children from a very large Catholic South American family. He grew up being an altar boy, going to Sunday school, and saying prayers. But something was Not working for him… In his teenage years, he realized he was gay and being gay is


Have you noticed I am using the word ‘DECIDE’ rather than ‘SAY’? Why? Because for many of us, it is easier to say ‘enough!’ than actually do something about it.   As we all know, when we say Enough! AND take rightful action about it, chances are the status quo has been shattered. There is no more denying, accusing, blaming, or enabling.   When we do something about ‘Enough!’, we become busy reclaiming and building our life rather than play the victim on our drama channel.   Sadly, maybe because we have been conditioned to be ‘tough’,   reaching the point of ‘Enough!’ and doing something about it usually requires one or several life changing experiences.  . For some people, it takes a cancer or a heart attack before they decide their happiness comes first. For others, it takes a physical burn-out, an emotional break-up, or even a car accident


Has anyone ever pissed on one of your dreams? Walked up to you with the intent of knocking a ‘solid’ dose of ‘reality’ into you? Because, for them, in that moment, you seemed to have lost touch with their reality, aka what they perceive as your ‘limitations’? I have met such people many times in my life. When I was a kid, I dug a hole with a shovel. I wanted to know if it was true China was at the other end. My older brother laughed at me and said China was too far away for a kid like ‘me’. Never mind we were living at the end of a dirt road surrounded by forests and farmland, I defiantly told him, ‘You watch me, I’ll go there one day.’ Well, I not only 'went' to China, I lived there for almost 10 years. Makes me wonder who truly dug

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We All Need a Support System

Let’s face it. We cannot be good at everything. We all need help from time to time. Knowing this, why is it so hard for so many of us to ask for help? I believe we are afraid to ask for help because we do not want to feel obligated towards the other person. Many times in my past, when I asked for help with cutting the grass or fixing a broken fence, I was told yes with a big smile and a hug. ‘Don’t mention it, Anne. It’s my pleasure.’ I told myself it was ok, things were getting done, and the other person was happy to help. I told myself I was not a bother or a problem to them. However, most times, here is what happened afterwards. I got into arguments and the past came up. ‘Remember what I did for you, Anne, when I fixed the

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