I use a 4-step coaching process with my clients. First, I help you explore what having a loving, compassionate, and balanced life looks like for you. In order to live something different, you must first be clear about what it is that you want. I have some powerful exercises that will help you paint a specific picture.

Next, we identify at least 3 easy ways that you can implement in your life right now in order to have this amazing painted life at a deeper level.

Building on that forward momentum, I support you in creating your ideal life plan. This life plan has a long-term focus: eliminating the things that drain your energy and no longer serve you AND implementing new habits based on different beliefs about yourself. To have different, you must be different. I am the ‘How’ who gets you there.

Finally, as your emotional intelligence coach, I keep you focused, motivated, and accountable as you implement your life plan in all areas of your life.

Ask yourself, what is it worth to have room for YOU in your own life again? To once again experience joy, peace and happiness daily. Imagine what a beautiful gift this new energized “you” will be to yourself and the people you love.

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  • ✓   Contract: 8 sessions
  • ✓   Session Duration: 60 minutes
  • ✓   Price per session: $250 CAD + tax
  • ✓   Sessions Rotation: Weekly

Additional Services and Benefits:

  • ✓   One (1) follow-up email per week for the duration of the package.
  • ✓  Receive a 10% discount on unlimited WalkingInside Workshops & Webinars within the coaching package duration.
  • ✓  Receive an immediate 10% discount upon a subsequent renewal of your Fundamentals coaching package.

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