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Jill gets in her car and she needs to go
somewhere. She feels a pull to her destination.
To get there she needs a vehicle, fuel, a road
map, and a destination. Sometimes we have one,
two, or even three of the four. EQ coaching is
about giving you all four in the right order.

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Meet Anne

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Author & Speaker

For decades, like so many of us, I built the ‘perfect’ image. I hid from the world what was troubling my heart – I hid me. I thought others might like me ‘less’ if they knew what had happened to me. I moved inside my head. I locked myself in an intellectual armour that let no one close to my heart … not even me.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I felt I had to prove that I had the right to exist. I chased diplomas and certifications, I got married, I had three children, and I built the white picket fence… but I still felt empty. I kept wondering what was wrong with me since I had it ‘all’. What it took me too long to realize was, I had nothing to prove to anyone! All I had to do was find a way to be loving towards myself (easier said than done!) I couldn’t do that because, like I said earlier, I had locked my heart away, even from myself.

Come with me, and I’ll share more of my personal story

Personal Story

Anne Beaulieu is an Emotional Intelligence Coach who assists her clients to become genuinely relational in business, so they can… close more sales! Anne is an internationally-accredited Emotional Intelligence coach and speaker. She is also an economist, chartered financial analyst, business advisor, legal translator, blogger, and bestselling author.

Internationally experienced and multilingual in English, French, and Mandarin, Anne grasps the pitfalls of traditional sales in a digital environment and addresses them directly: she shines the light of Emotional Intelligence on the challenges today’s salespeople face and illuminates the way forward to closing more sales.

Come with me, and I’ll share more of my business story

Business Story

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