Passion is genuine excitement.

It’s that easy feeling we do when pursue something we love. 


When Sylvia (name changed) first came to see me, she tiredly said that she worked until she physically dropped exhausted onto her bed every night. Struggling to attract new customers, she was living pay cheque to pay cheque. Asked if she was passionate about what she did for a living, the young woman said yes because she worked hard for the money. But like so many of us, Sylvia had wrongly equated passion with hard work.


“What is passion, then?” she asked, feeling curious.


What excites you?


Sylvia’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. She exclaimed, “I can dream big?” then immediately shared with me, laughing, how she had noticed this gap in her industry for at least ten years and how she believed she could bridge that gap with her expertise.  “That would be so much fun!” she gleefully added.


Let me ask you …


Why do we refuse to ignite our passion?

Why do we work ourselves to exhaustion?


I believe the answer is, because we think working ourselves to exhaustion is the same as being passionate.


If that is true, how will working ourselves to exhaustion ever going to ignite our passion?


Clearly, working ourselves to exhaustion does NOT work.


With this in mind …


How do things become better?

I believe, things become better when we focus on 

  • becoming aware. ‘What excites me?’

  • becoming intentional. ‘What step can I take to right now to do more of what excites me?’

  • becoming accountable. ‘’What can I do to hold myself accountable to keep doing what excites me?’


When I allowed myself to ignite my passion, I stopped feeling exhausted all the time, I realized that living my passion is lovingly doing what excites me while also taking care of my needs.


Here are four (4) actionable steps to assist you ignite your passion and make more money in the process:


  • Explore, explore, explore. Research how to bridge the gap(s) you notice in your industry, particularly the one(s) you feel most excited about.


  • Challenge the status quo. Starts bridging your industry gap(s) by producing social media content that excites you. For example, you might want to showcase your expertise through videos, articles, blogs, networking, etc.


  • Emotionally open up. When I suggested to Sylvia to make a live stream video about what excited her, she said, “I’m no expert!” I asked her to start her video by sharing why she wanted to bridge a specific gap in her industry. With a soft glow about her, she shared how she had received a bad haircut as a child and it had made her feel terrible about herself and she never wanted anyone to feel terrible about themselves.


  • Keep applying what excites you. Passion is that easy feeling we get when we do something we love.


Now imagine somebody has just read these tips…


What do you believe will be their greatest challenge?


My name is Anne Beaulieu and I am a financial emotional intelligence coach who assists her clients in igniting their passion so they make more money and enjoy it! To book a chat with me;


Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash